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Our new on-site sports facility has recieved DA approval

Your new sports facility

We are excited to share that the new regional on-site Sports Facility between the Watagan Park Town Centre and Avondale School has received DA approval marking a significant milestone.

The facility will see the delivery of a 6.2-hectare sporting complex comprising a full-size oval sports field with field lighting, a skate park, a fenced dog park, and a two-storey multi-purpose centre (sports amenities and community centre), paving the way for a new place for athletes and sports enthusiasts to gather.

Next steps

There are still quite a few steps as our team progresses with construction documentation and tendering before we get to enjoy this sporting facility and we will keep you updated each step of the way. The outcome of the community consultation recently undertaken on the proposed skate park designs resulted in an overwhelming preference for the Option A layout (81% preference).