Development projects

Local skate park

Get ready to embrace the thrill of our future Street Plaza style Skate Park at Watagan Park

Your new sports facility

The skate park at Watagan Park is set to become a cornerstone of the newly approved On-Site Sports Facility precinct. This cutting-edge skate park is designed not just for skating but as a vibrant community hub, where residents of all ages can gather, connect, and enjoy outdoor activities.

Render of the future skatepark with shady paths and seating
Render of the skatepark with parents and children playing.

The start of something big

The skate park is part of a larger sports complex that will include a new oval sports field and a two-storey multi-purpose building, the skate park will provide a dynamic space for both beginners and seasoned skaters.

With the construction plans moving forward, the skate park will soon offer a perfect blend of sport and social interaction, featuring modern amenities, ample seating, and picnic areas. Stay tuned as we progress from plans to reality, creating a new vibrant meeting place for our community.