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Offers Terms and Conditions

$8,000.00 Façade Upgrade Terms and Conditions


The information contained in this offer letter is correct as at 19 June 2018 but is subject to change without notice. The purchaser is to confirm the availability of this offer and currency of terms and conditions, prior to relying upon the offer in any way.

The sum of $8,000 inclusive of GST (“Façade Upgrade Sum”) may be provided by Johnson Developments Pty Ltd ABN 92 151 666 625 (“Developer”) to the purchaser (subject to terms and conditions) to assist the purchaser in upgrading the Façade* of a house constructed on land (“Property”) purchased within the Watagan Park Development in Cooranbong NSW (“Watagan Park”). The Façade Upgrade Sum is available to a purchaser in the event of:

  1. The purchaser entering into and completing a contract for the sale and purchase of a Property (“Contract”) in Watagan Park; and
  2. Where the purchaser has entered into a building contract for the construction of a house on the Property in Watagan Park with any one of the builders participating in the Watagan Park Display Village (“Build Contract”).

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The Façade Upgrade Sum is available for all residential lots in Watagan Park, from and including Watagan Park Stage 2.7.

The Contract must be signed by the purchaser and, together with a deposit and a 66W Certificate, provided to the vendor’s solicitor noted on the front page of the Contract within fourteen (14) days of a sales advice being issued to the vendor’s solicitor by the vendor or its agent. All purchase prices are inclusive of GST unless otherwise stated. The Façade Upgrade Sum is not available in conjunction with any other offer and is not redeemable for cash or discount. The Developer reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this offer from time to time and without notice but agrees to be bound to comply with the terms of the offer current at the time of exchange of the Contract. Photographs, artist impressions and other images in any brochure relating to the Façade Upgrade Sum may show fixtures, fittings or finishes which are not supplied by certain builders or which are only available in some home designs provided by certain builders. For the avoidance of doubt, a purchaser shall not be entitled to the Façade Upgrade Sum should the purchaser not complete the Contract or not complete a Build Contract.

Release of Façade Upgrade Sum

The Façade Upgrade Sum shall be retained in a special purpose account operated by the Developer (“Nominated Account”) and released to the purchaser’s builder, after the purchaser submits to the Developer, a completed copy of a document provided from the builder with which they have entered into a Build Contract, confirming the upgrades to the Façade for a value of $8000 or more, including upgraded Façade materials that the purchaser has elected to include in its house design and stating the builder’s original façade materials that have now been upgraded (“Upgrade Form”).

Subject to the Developer’s Design Review Panel (“DRP”) certifying to the Developer that the façade specification reflected on the Upgrade Form is satisfactory (which the DRP shall do independently, at its own discretion and acting reasonably), and no earlier than the completion of the structure and fenestration of the façade wall[s] of the house under the Contract, the Façade Upgrade Sum shall be released from the Nominated Account to the builder with which the purchaser has enter into the Build Contract.

The Façade Upgrade Sum will be released to the purchaser’s builder within five (5) business days of written notification from the purchaser’s builder that the structure of the house and fenestration of the façade wall is complete.

*Façade – Façade only means and includes upgrades to the street facing elevations of the house (including corner lots) where the façade may be upgraded. Upgrade options may differ between designs provided by different builders. Each Purchaser should speak to their builder for a full list of inclusions for their selected package as well as what upgrades are available.

Front Landscaping Terms and Conditions


  • The front yard landscaping will form part of your application to the Design Review Panel (DRP) for approval under the Watagan Park Design and Landscape Guidelines and you will be asked to select one of the three available landscaping options when you submit your building plans for approval by the DRP.
  • Each of the three options for front yard landscaping provided by the landscape contractor Watagan Park Landscaping complies with the Watagan Park Design and Landscape Guidelines. Therefore, the front yard component of your landscape plan should be based on whichever of the three options you have chosen.
  • Front yard landscaping extends to no more than one metre behind the building line.

Prior to requesting the commencement of landscaping works at the completion of your house build process, the following will apply:

  • Your front yard must be levelled such that all areas are falling on an even grade away from buildings, with ground levels to be 100mm below finished floor levels.
  • All areas must be free of rubbish and contaminants including paint, render washout, builders rubbish eg. concrete, timber, bricks etc.
  • Unrestricted access to the entire front yard area is required for the duration of the landscaping works.
  • All construction work including but not limited to, buildings, retaining walls, edging, driveways and paving must already be installed (not provided by Johnson Property Group’s landscaping works).
  • Watagan Park Landscaping reserves the right to refuse commencement of works if they deem the site to be unsafe, at which point the owner will be required to remove and/or rectify the hazards prior to works commencing.


  • Supply and installation of all materials including plants, turf, underlay and garden soil, mulch, timber garden edging, and letterbox as per the customer’s selected landscaping option.
  • One initial watering of lawn and gardens immediately after completion of the landscaping works.


  • Structural works (eg. retaining walls, fencing etc.)
  • Hardscaping such as paving, driveways etc.
  • Subsoil drainage systems
  • Irrigation systems
  • Ongoing maintenance (beyond one initial watering)

The Process:

  • At least one month prior to your estimated building handover date, you will notify Watagan Park Landscaping via email on so a tentative date can be booked in for your front yard landscaping works.
  • Noting the frontage of your block and your selected option, the landscape designer from Watagan Park Landscaping will confirm with you the design that meets your block’s frontage.
  • When the date is confirmed by which:
    1.  the builder has achieved handover of your new home; and
    2. the driveway and any front yard pathways have been constructed, you will again notify Watagan Park Landscaping via email so that a firm date can be booked in for your front yard landscaping works.
      Upon completion of the landscaping works you will be required to complete a handover form confirming your acceptance of the work that was carried out and understanding of on-going maintenance requirements.

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