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Outside activities

Watagan Mountains

Watagan Park is Nature’s Playground, nestled at the foot of the Watagan Mountains. Download this PDF to see a handful of the plethora of natural activities your entire family can enjoy.

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Picnic Spots near Watagan Park

A picnic has all the ingredients you need – family, food and fun. Venture out and and enjoy a picnic, there are many spots near Watagan Park in Lake Macquarie.

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Make a bug inspector ecosystem

If you want to get up close and discover the finer details of insects then this bug-a-boo is for you.

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Make your own nature canvas print

Bring the outside, inside with this fun DIY canvas print project the whole family can enjoy.

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Make a seashell sail boat

We hope to see these little seashell boats making their way around the ponds at Watagan Park in the near future.

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Make your own hiking stick

When we go exploring, one thing we always take with us is a cool hiking stick. They are super easy and fun to make.

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40 things every kid must do

Take your kids by the hand, and lead them on an adventure with this '40 things you must do before your twelfth birthday' bucket list.

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Make an ice candle

Let the fun and creativity begin with this unique ice candle that the whole family can enjoy.

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Make a nature suncatcher

Collect fallen leaves and flowers from your walk or hike around the Watagans and bring the outside, in with this nature inspired suncatcher.

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Make a grass head guy & girl

Making a grass head is a fun gardening project for the kids as they watch them grow and get creative with different hairstyles.

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Make a pebble dominoes set

Smooth flat pebbles aren't just for skipping across the Watagan creeks. They are great for domino pieces, too.

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Make a bird feeder

These bird feeders are a fun activity for the whole family and will be sure to attract many of our feathered friends at Watagan Park.

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Nature scavenger hunt

A nature scavenger hunt is a wonderful way to help kids open their eyes to the world around them and look at things a little more closely.

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Homemade giant bubble recipe

Get outside and have some fun by making the biggest and best bubbles in the neighbourhood.

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Make an explorer's kit

Curious to learn about your backyard? Putting together an Explorer’s Kit is a great first step.

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Make your own foilage friends

Crafting with items found in nature is a wonderful way for children to explore and connect with the world around them.

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Make a luminous leaf jar

Make use of the unusual leaves collected on a nature walk by decorating your back patio or inside table with these glowing leaf jars.

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Make a nature wreath

This is a great opportunity to discuss the seasons with your child and is a wonderful way to spend some creative time together.

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Colour wrap a tree

What better way to get outside and brighten your backyard with this temporary art project that highlights (but doesn't harm) a favourite tree.

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Make a wind chime

Handmade painted wind chimes are a fun nature craft for all ages of the family and add a splash of colour and life to any backyard or patio.

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Geocaching: Take the kids treasure hunting in your new backyard

Child holding a geocache

Make outside a priority for your family

make outside a priority for your family

Watagan Mountains Camping Experience

Two people outside a camping tent

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